Track Chairs
Juho Lindman, University of Gothenburg, Sweden,
Kalina Staykova, Warwick Business School, United Kingdom,
Matti Rossi, Aalto University, Finland,

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Friday, June 14th

A Network Analysis of Decentralized Autonomous Organizations

Christian Ziegler, Technical University of Munich
Marcin Praski, Technische Universität München
Dmitry Fadeev, CIT School
Thomas Wagner, TUM
Hassan Matout, TU Munich

An Explainable Algorithm to Compare the Predictive Power of Social Media and News Signals with Traditional Technical Indicators

Patricia Angle, University of Oklahoma
Hemang Subramanian, Florida International University
Florent Rouxelin, Florida International University
Ziyang Zhang, Florida International University

Designing a Decentralized Autonomous Organization

Michael Lustenberger, Institute for Organizational Viability
Florian Spychiger, Institute for Organizational Viability
Lukas Küng, Institute for Organizational Viability

Designing GDPR Compliant Credential Verification using Blockchain: A Design Science Research Approach

Janne Parkkila, LUT University
AKM Bahalul Haque, LUT University
Jaakko Vuolasto, LUT University
Anastasiia Gurzhii, LUT University
Sami Hyrynsalmi, LUT University
Najmul Islam, LUT University


Henrik Axelsen, University of Copenhagen
Johannes Rude Jensen, Department of Computersceince
Omri Ross, University of Copenhagen

Loose Change For Live Streaming: An Experimental Investigation On Online Tipping Denomination

Kenneth Qua, Vienna University of Economics and Business
Markus Lengauer, Vienna University of Economics and Business
Verena Dorner, Vienna University of Economics and Business
Stephan Fally, Vienna University of Economics and Business
Jorao Gomes, Vienna University of Economics and Business

Profiling Cryptocurrency Pump and Dump Schemes in DeFi: A Chain-Level Analysis of Coins and Participants

Oliver Rath, Cologne Institute for Information Systems
Frederic Haase, University of Cologne
Tom Celig, University of Cologne
Johannes Werner Melsbach, University of Cologne
Detlef Schoder, University of Cologne

The obscure world of digital assets - Design Principles for User-Centered Platforms

Christian Zeiss, University of Würzburg
Lisa Straub, University of Würzburg
Myriam Schaschek, University of Würzburg
Axel Winkelmann, University of Würzburg

Towards the Tokenized Music Industry? Analyzing Non-Fungible Tokens Through a Social Construction of Technology Lens

Jan Stockhinger, University of Münster

Web2 pricing vs. Web3 tokens: The effect of tokens and a negative price on contribution to web2 and web3 social media platforms

Juergen Roesch, Bauhaus-Universität