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Contact Tracing Mobile Apps emerged as a new IT-enabled tool with the potential to slow down infection COVID-19 transfers and thus save lives. However, despite their inherent capability to make a substantial technical contribution to fighting the pandemic, the adoption of CTMAs lags behind expectations. Against this background, our work seeks to produce a systematic and nuanced understanding of hitherto unconsidered yet significant determinants of CTMA adoption. On a more general note, we seek to derive valuable insights that can support decision-makers to accelerate CTMAs' adoption. Based on a large-scale study with 1,027 participants, we present new contextualized determinants that explain individuals’ decision to adopt CTMAs. We also find that early in the process of adopting CTMAs, decision-makers have several levers at their disposal to influence the adoption of CTMAs. In contrast, decision makers' ability to influence individuals' adoption of CTMAs is more limited at later stages of the process.



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