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In today’s e-commerce landscape peer-to-peer (P2P) platforms are shaping economic and social interactions. They provide challenges and opportunities for users, who can be consumers and providers at the same time. Transactions on P2P platforms (offering e.g., services, accommodation, or a ride) vary in multiple ways from the ones in conventional P2P e-commerce (offering e.g., products on eBay). Since private individuals are the providers on P2P platforms, it needs to be considered how they balance their preferences for privacy against expected benefits (privacy calculus) when advertising themselves. We conduct online experiments to look at how the intention to disclose information is affected using different media formats (text, voice, image, video) with varying richness of possible informational cues (e.g., accents, facial expressions etc.). We find that media richness, perceived usefulness for self and expected usefulness for others affect information sharing from a provider’s perspective.



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