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Envy and stress are two terms, which are usually associated with the “dark side of technology”. However, both concepts also contain a “bright” side, benign envy and eustress, which are associated with an individual’s well-being. This work uncovers the relationship between envy and technostress in the context of social media use. The study is based on a sequential mixed-methods research design including qualitative interviews and a subsequent quantitative online survey. The results reveal that while benign envy is associated with the appraisal of social media as challenge stressors, malicious envy is related to the appraisal of social media as hindrance stressors. Challenge stressors lead to challenge coping responses inducing perceived eustress. Hindrance stressors result in hindrance coping responses inducing distress. Therefore, envy is found to be a significant determinant and cause for whether eustress or distress is perceived when using social media.



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