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Scholars largely debate digital transformation (DT) initiatives in several organisational contexts and consider multiple aspects. Some scholars develop DT strategies providing frameworks to support researchers, practitioners, policymakers, and IT specialists in governing DT initiatives. However, from the industries perspective, only a few studies discuss DT focusing specifically on non-profit organisations (NPOs). The interest in investigating DT in NPOs derives from the way how NPOs strive to reach their objectives, which often differ significantly from those of public and for-profit firms. Then, our aim is twofold: (i) developing a meta-synthesis of the literature discussing DT initiatives in NPOs identifying characteristics and strategy traits and (ii) proposing a taxonomy framework focused on DT in NPOs comparing it with the DT strategies framework unfocused on any particular industry. This research contributes to explore the discourse of DT in NPOs, stressing industries-based aspects and proposing a further lens of analysis of DT phenomena.



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