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Community question answering (CQA) sites have developed into vast collections of valuable knowledge. Questions, as CQA’s central component, go through several phases after they are posted, which are often referred to as the questions’ lifecycle or questions’ lifespan. Different questions have different lifecycles, which are closely linked to the topics of the questions that can be determined by their attached labels. We conduct an empirical analysis based on the dynamic panel data of a Q&A website and propose a framework for explaining the time sensitivity of topic labels. By applying a Discrete Fourier Transform and a Knee point detection method, we demonstrate the existence of three broad label clusters based on their recurring features and four common question lifecycle patterns. We further prove that the lifecycles of questions in disparate clusters vary significantly. The findings support our hypothesis that questions with more time-sensitive labels are more likely to hit their saturation point sooner than questions with less time-sensitive labels. The research results could be applied for better CQA interface design and more efficient digital resources management.



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