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Epilepsy patients often have inadequate epilepsy knowledge with negative consequences. Current training programs are on-site and do not offer the advantages of digital interventions regarding independence of time and place. Moreover, research on serious games is in its infancy for epilepsy. This paper presents EpiTales, a serious game for training epilepsy knowledge. We conducted a survey and analyzed existing interventions to gain understanding about the target group and educational concepts. To design EpiTales we followed the Octalysis game design framework. The effect was investigated by means of knowledge transfer using the method of a randomized controlled experiment. Additionally, usability tests were performed. Our results demonstrated an average relative knowledge increase of 51% and a higher perception of joy among players of the game. Nevertheless, the workbook used by the control group remains more effective. Future development should consider strengths of the workbook, while keeping the positively noted aspects of EpiTales.



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