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Our study explores how social media influencers should design the set-up of giveaways in firm-sponsored posts to maximize their followers’ engagement, thereby enhancing the outreach of the post. Specifically, we investige how the value of the giveaway prize (= followers’ benefits) and the degree of effort to participate in the giveaway (= followers’ costs) drive followers’ liking and commenting of the post. We further explore how these empirical relationships vary with the origin of the influencer and the media richness of the post. Basing our conceptual model on social exchange theory and an indepth literature review, we use the public Instagram Graph API and systematic coding analyses to derive a unique dataset. We identified and manually coded 1049 giveaways posted by 115 social media influencers collected between August 2020 and August 2021. To analyze our data, we will apply a negative binomial regression and provide thorough reasoning for our approach.



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