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Augmented intelligence is an alternative conceptualisation of artificial intelligence (AI). Augmented intelligence focuses on AI’s assistive role in advancing human capabilities. Augmented intelligence reflects the ongoing socio-technical contribution of AI in amplifying human intelligence. However, within the field of Information Systems (IS) there are a lack of theoretical developments which examines the socio-technical assemblage of augmented intelligence. This article applies actor-network theory (ANT) and presents a model on Augmented Intelligence Moments of Translation to guide how researchers to conceptualise about the socio-technical intricacies of augmented intelligence. The contributions of this article are threefold. First, this article presents a review of the emergent literature on augmented intelligence. Second, this article argues that ANT and the ‘Moments of Translation’ is suitable to theorise about augmented intelligence. Third, the article presents avenues for future research for the IS community on socio-technical factors with augmented intelligence.



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