The salient features of blockchain technology, such as transparency, immutability, availability of a historical log, and programmability, have led to the emergence of numerous innovative use cases across industries, many of which are still in a development and testing stage. Feasibility of a new project is important to determining the potential success, but for a technology like blockchain many companies must extend their feasibility analysis to include an evaluation of significant cultural changes. Complete processes and ways of operating are likely to change due to increased transparency and open nature of blockchain. In this regard, academia is no exception. Blockchain has been suggested as a remedy for numerous problems of the academic submission and review process and several projects have been launched to create more effective and efficient publication systems. To evaluate cultural feasibility, this research-in-progress paper presents the concept of ResearchChain, an ideal publishing system that comprises all the features requested by academia, and systematically list as well as critically assess useful features that blockchain can potentially enable. Furthermore, we introduce cultural feasibility as an important moderator for acceptance in the academic community and briefly present our future research strategy.



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