Business-IT alignment describes the consistency between the business strategy and processes and IT strategy and processes. Enterprise architecture (EA) is a collection of artifacts describing various aspects of an organization from an integrated business and IT perspective intended to facilitate information systems planning and improve business-IT alignment. Effective engagement between business and IT stakeholders has long been recognized as one of the major critical success factors of EA practice enabling the realization of business-IT alignment which in turn, contributes to higher organizational performance. However, the stakeholder engagement in EA practice received only limited attention in the literature and factors that facilitate or impede effective engagement are still unclear. To address this gap, this research-in-progress paper explores in detail how organizations enhance stakeholder engagement in EA practice to achieve business-IT alignment. Based on an ongoing in-depth case study, we construct a preliminary model to show how EA practice can facilitate engagement to achieve business-IT alignment. The model identifies enablers and barriers to stakeholder engagement in EA practice. Our findings contribute to the EA and alignment literature by clarifying various aspects of the relationship between practicing EA, engagement and alignment as well as by identifying relevant factors affecting stakeholder engagement.



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