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Mobile sensor-based health technology (MSHT) enables an unobtrusive and automatic collection of objective health data. Thereby it has the potential to improve medical service provision and meet the ever increasing challenges that the healthcare system is facing today. There are already various attempts to integrate recent technological advancements within the healthcare sector to create a digital ecosystem. Still, no de facto standard for stakeholder integration could be established so far. Therefore, we aim to understand the experiences, insights and requirements regarding the integration of MSHT into a digital healthcare ecosystem from the perspective of four different stakeholder groups. For this reason, we conduct a qualitative study and collect data through semi-structured expert interviews. The transcribed interview data is analysed using a Grounded Theory approach. In this paper we present the preliminary results from the stakeholder group of mobile health startups and introduce an initial proposal for a conceptual model. This includes the core phenomenon of MSHT which is influenced by Preconditions (e.g. Medical device certification) and Context (e.g. Healthcare insurances). Based on the design of MSHT the Integration (Technical and Social) and Medical service provision (Process modification and design) are defined which determines the emerging Consequences (Potentials and Risks).



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