Although Cloud Computing (CC) adoption has been studied frequently in the past, few studies have explicitly considered the layer of the adopted service, which is the delivery model. Especially the delivery model “Platform-as-a-Service” (PaaS) enables organizations to leverage innovative platforms without managing the platform itself. Despite the innovative potential of PaaS, no studies so far have regarded PaaS adoption, specifically. While recent literature discusses CC (pre-)adoption on an organizational level, I specifically focus on the post-adoption of PaaS. Therefore, I propose a research model on PaaS post-adoption by large-scale organizations based on the technological frames of references (TFR) theory and a multilevel research perspective. I hypothesize that decision-makers decide on PaaS post-adoption based on their technological frame. This technological frame covers the tacit knowledge on PaaS, as a result of decision-makers’ own experiences, along with organizational and environmental triggers. From a theoretical perspective, the paper provides a new approach grounded in TFR to explain PaaS post-adoption and a model designed as multilevel research. The contribution of the expected results are insights into the determinants of PaaS post-adoption by large-scale organizations.



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