To cope with the manifold challenges of digital transformation (DT), companies across all industries are rethinking, adjusting and innovating their processes, products, services, and business models. Projects play an important role in realizing these changes, thus “making DT happen”. However, coordinating, aligning and prioritizing the emerging projects is a demanding challenge that can exceed an organization’s current project portfolio management (PPM) structures and practices. We argue that developing solutions for the management of multiple simultaneous DT projects can be a crucial determinant for successful transformation. Until now, little is known about how companies apply PPM practices to DT projects and how they embed these practices organizationally. Therefore, we investigate how companies manage their DT project portfolios using dedicated organizational units. We offer first empirical insights into this complex topic by conducting a multiple-case study research. Our preliminary findings reveal how firms apply, adapt, and develop PPM practices to manage multiple DT projects. With our study, we aim to contribute especially to research on project interdependencies, governance and control. Furthermore, we seek to offer guidance to practitioners that face the challenge of embedding and implementing DT PPM in their organization.



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