Managers understand the digital transformation, but do not always know how to apply it in their organisation, and how to manage the changes it introduces. Moreover, publications on the sub-ject of the digital transformation often focus on the assessment of the current position of an organ-isation, or on technological aspects. The question of “how” to support managers in the organisa-tional change remains open. This paper aims at analysing this gap by reviewing publications sug-gesting change models, including models mentioning steps or stages of transformation. Results show no publication has studied a business-wide transformation; most focus on a few subjects such as business model and processes. Furthermore, structured approaches to change manage-ment are suggested, which is little appropriate in a constantly changing environment. Finally, a few authors suggest the development of dynamic capabilities could provide basis for a successful transformation. We suggest that both structured methods and developing capabilities are neces-sary, but flexibility is required in the change management approach due to the uncertainty of the environment.