For decades, the Data Warehouse (DW) has survived as a central architecture component in Business Intelligence and Analytics (BIA) landscapes despite a number of alternative concepts and continuous forces towards more decentralized structures. However, distributed concepts recently seem to have grown in relevance. This paper investigates causes and consequences of an increasing decentralization in order to derive recommendations for future BIA architectures. We have conducted a literature review for identifying relevant application drivers, challenges and building blocks for BIA solutions. The results suggest that particularly Internet of Things (IoT) applications drive federated analytical “ecosystem” solutions. In two case studies from the realm of Advanced Manufacturing we deepen the respective insights. On the one hand, our results underscore the business potential of integrated BIA solutions for IoT applications. On the other hand, the applications introduce a set of particular challenges that can be mapped to DW characteristics, mainly regarding data history, integration, administration, and governance. Based on the results, we project the identified trends into the future and suggest a federated, platform-based solution with “Analytical Atoms”.