From data warehouses to transformation hubs - A conceptual architecture


The growing relevance, scale, and complexity of Business Intelligence (BI) entails the need to find

agile and efficient solutions for the coordination of maintenance and release processes – under

consideration of the heterogeneity of the involved units on the IT and the business side. The finance

industry with its mature BI infrastructures and its highly turbulent business environment is a

forerunner for these developments. Based on a survey among BI users in the finance sector, relevant

problem areas in the BI service provision are identified and structured. A series of qualitative

interviews among banks and insurance companies is used to gain further insights into approaches for

dealing with the related issues. The studies uncover several advantages of a central “BI Competency

Centre” (BICC) as well as levers for effectively structuring the interfaces between BICC, IT, and user


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