Nowadays, almost all public administration plan to establish processes with electronic signatures. For such processes, there are no standardized system models with test cases. We are developing a simplified system model with interfaces of a public administration to determine an integration test with test cases especially for mass processes. These are very time-consuming and labor intensive. After simulating these cases, we conclude that applying a functional integration test could reduce costs for establishing a trust center1. We are planning to apply that method in some public administration. The first step is to analyze the actual situation of mass processes in public administration. Our system model is simple and common i.e. it could be applied for the various tiers of public administration, the European, the federal, the state and the local tier. In our age of globalization and European integration it is particularly the supranational level, i.e. the European tier, that is becoming increasingly important. In order to replace the handwritten signature with an electronic signature a trust center has to be set up. The trust center administrates the certificates of authorized officers by using electronic signatures. Therefore, it is necessary to analyze the organizational structure to determine the authorized officers of the mass processes.