Enterprise architecture (EA) has claimed to provide several benefits for organizations including improving organizational agility. Becoming more agile is an essential capability for organizations and a necessity to respond to the rapidly changing environment. The way these EA benefits are established is seen as complex and involves interconnections of multiple organizational facets. However, currently, there is a lack of empirical studies on EA and how it contributes to benefit realization. Moreover, empirically validated work on EA processes is even more scarce. This research addresses this gap and investigates the effect of an EA management approach on organizational agility. A conceptual model was developed proposing a mediation effect of IT capabilities on the relationship between enterprise architecture management and agility. A survey was performed among key EA stakeholders. Based on a sample of 110 responses, a partial least squares structural equation modeling analysis was performed to test the mediation model. The results indicate that the effect of enterprise architecture management on organizational agility is indeed mediated by IT capabilities. Finally, the present study discusses the implications of this research and provides suggestions for future research.