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Research Paper


Capability-based management is an approach for strategy formulation and implementation that is rooted within the enterprise architecture discipline and founded on managerial theories. The main instrument of capabilitybased management is the capability map, which provides a structured and hierarchical overview of an organization’s capabilities. At a sufficiently high level of abstraction, organizations within the same industry or societal sector are managed based on capabilities that can be described using a generic capability map. While industry/sectorspecific capability maps are used in consultancy practice, knowledge of how to develop such generic capability maps is lacking in the academic literature. Therefore, the paper addresses the question of how a generic capability map for organizations within the same industry/sector can be developed. Professional sport clubs were used as the application field for the design science research. The research was executed in collaboration with three major, premier league Belgian clubs that operate in the highest tier of their respective professional sport competition. After different iterations of joint development and evaluation activities with these clubs, the final design of a generic capability map was successfully obtained. Through reflection and learning from this process, the paper formulates the procedural knowledge that was gained in the study as prescriptions that can be used as general steps of a method for creating other industry/sector-specific capability maps. This outline of a method for developing generic capability maps is an original contribution to the enterprise architecture discipline.