Business & Information Systems Engineering

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Research Paper


IoT-enhanced Business Processes make use of sensors and actuators to carry out the process tasks and achieve a specific goal. One of the most important difficulties in the development of IoT-enhanced BPs is the interdisciplinarity that is demanded by this type of project. Defining an interdisciplinary tool-supported development approach that facilitates the collaboration of different professionals, with a special focus on three main facets: business process requirements, interoperability between IoT devices and BPs, and low-level data processing. The study followed a Design Science Research methodology for information systems that consists of a 6-step process: (1) problem identification and motivation; (2) define the objectives for a solution; (3) design and development; (4) demonstration; (5) evaluation; and (6) communication. The paper presents an interdisciplinary development process to support the creation of IoT-enhanced BPs by applying the Separation of Concerns principle. A collaborative development environment is built to provide each professional with the tools required to accomplish her/his development responsibilities. The approach is successfully validated through a case-study evaluation. The evaluation allows to conclude that the proposed development process and the supporting development environment are effective to face the interdisciplinary nature of IoT-enhanced BPs.