Business & Information Systems Engineering

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Research Paper


Recognizing opportunities enabled by digital technology (DT) has become a competitive necessity in today’s digital world. However, opportunity recognition is a major challenge given the influence of DT, which not only disperses agency across various actors, but also blurs boundaries between customers, companies, products, and industries. As a result, traditional entrepreneurship knowledge needs to be rethought and the effects of DT on opportunity recognition need to be better understood. Drawing from opportunity recognition theory – as one of the central theories in the entrepreneurship domain – this study builds on a structured literature review to identify and explain three direct as well as three transitive effects of DT on opportunity recognition. These effects have been validated with real-world cases as well as interviews with academics and practitioners. In sum, this study contributes to descriptive and explanatory knowledge on the evolution from traditional to digital entrepreneurship. As a theory for explaining, the findings extend opportunity recognition theory by illuminating how and why DT influences opportunity recognition. This supports research and practice in investigating and managing opportunities more effectively.