Business & Information Systems Engineering

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Research Paper


Serious games (SG) are recognized in severaldomains as a promising instructional approach. When itcomes to the field of Information Systems, however, theyare not yet broadly investigated. Especially in businessintelligence and analytics, a literature review indicates theabsence of SG for proper report design. Such games,however, seem beneficial since many business reportssuffer from poor business information visualization (BIV).To address this issue, the scope of the study is twofold:first, the paper presents a SG that aims to foster learningabout BIV. Second, it evaluates this SG in a laboratoryexperiment, comparing it to a more conventional instruc-tional approach (i.e., presentation) and testing two differentversions of the game: One version integrates debriefinginto the game itself, whereas the other version uses clas-sical post hoc debriefing. Results indicate that it is favor-able to integrate debriefing into the game in terms ofmotivation and learning outcomes. In the vein of designscience research, the authors thus intend to contribute auseful artifact as well as a novel design principle for thisinstructional approach: Integrating debriefing into SG.