Business & Information Systems Engineering

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Research Paper


Automatic text summarization can be applied to extract summaries from competitor intelligence (CI) corpora that organizations create by gathering textual data from the Internet. Such a representation of CI text is easier for managers to interpret and use for making decisions. This research investigates design of an integrated system for CI analysis which comprises clustering and automatic text summarization and evaluates quality of extractive summaries generated automatically by various text-summarization techniques based on global optimization. This research is conducted using experimentation and empirical analysis of results. A survey of practicing managers is also carried out to understand the effectiveness of automatically generated summaries from CI perspective. Firstly, it shows that global optimization-based techniques generate good quality extractive summaries for CI analysis from topical clusters created by the clustering step of the integrated system. Secondly, it shows the usefulness of the generated summaries by having them evaluated by practicing managers from CI perspective. Finally, the implication of this research from the point of view of theory and practice is discussed.