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Research Paper


Econometrics is currently one of the most popular approaches to economic analysis. To better support advances in these areas as much as possible, it is necessary to apply econometric problems to econometric intelligent systems. The article describes an econometric OLAP framework that supports the design of a multidimensional database to secure econometric analyses to increase the effectiveness of the development of econometric intelligent systems. The first part of the article consists of the creation of formal rules for the new transformation of the econometric model (TEM) method for the econometric model transformation of multidimensional schema through the use of mathematical notation. In the proposed TEM method, the authors pay attention to the measurement of quality and understandability of the multidimensional schema, and compare the proposed method with the original TEM-CM method. In the second part of the article, the authors create a multidimensional database prototype according to the new TEM method and design an OLAP application for econometric Analysis.