Business & Information Systems Engineering

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Research Paper


Security risk management is an important part of system development. Given that a majority of modern organizations rely heavily on information systems, security plays a big part in ensuring smooth operations of business processes. For example, many people rely on e-services offered by banks and medical establishments. Inadequate security measures in information systems have unwanted effects on an organization’s reputation and on people’s lives. This case study paper targets the secure system development problem by suggesting the application of security requirements elicitation from business processes (SREBP). This approach provides business analysts with means to elicit and introduce security requirements to business processes through the application of the security risk-oriented patterns (SRPs). These patterns help find security risk occurrences in business processes and present mitigations for these risks. At the same time, they reduce the efforts needed for risk analysis. In this paper, the authors report their experience to derive security requirements for mitigating security risks in the distributed airline turnaround Systems.