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Due to the increasing importance of producing and consuming energy more sustainably, Energy Informatics (EI) has evolved into a thriving research area within the CS/IS community. The arti- cle attempts to characterize this young and dynamic field of research by de- scribing current EI research topics and methods and provides an outlook of how the field might evolve in the fu- ture. It is shown that two general re- search questions have received the most attention so far and are likely to dominate the EI research agenda in the coming years: How to leverage infor- mation and communication technol- ogy (ICT) to (1) improve energy effi- ciency, and (2) to integrate decentral- ized renewable energy sources into the power grid. Selected EI streams are reviewed, highlighting how the re- spective research questions are broken down into specific research projects and how EI researchers have made con- tributions based on their individual academic background.