Business & Information Systems Engineering

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Research Paper


In this paper, we sketch some of the challenges that should be addressed in future research efforts for model- based decision support in manufactur- ing and service networks. This includes integration issues, taking into account the autonomy of the decision-making entities in face of information asymme- try, the modeling of preferences of the decision makers, efficiently determin- ing robust solutions, i.e. solutions that are insensitive with respect to changes in the problem data, and a reduction of the time needed for model build- ing and usage. The problem solution cycle includes problem analysis, the design of appropriate algorithms and their performance assessment. We are interested in a prototypical integration of the proposed methods within appli- cation systems, which can be followed up with field tests of the extended ap- plication systems. We argue that the described research agenda requires the interdisciplinary collaboration of busi- ness and information systems engi- neering researchers with colleagues from management science, computer science, and operations research. In addition, we present some exemplify- ing, illustrative examples of relevant research results.