Business & Information Systems Engineering

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Research Paper


Increasing regulatory requirements such as price cap regulation have increased the importance of strategic grid asset management. Empirical studies reveal that information supply and consolidation are error prone and long-term processes. The reason is the missing automation of extraction, transformation, and loading. The current gap does neither fulfill the requirements of regulatory nor the necessity of standardized reporting. Furthermore, a detailed planning is not enabled and the calculation of key figures is extensive. Currently, a framework that considers the coupling of financial and technical key figures, the coupling of strategic and operative key figures as well as the integration into information systems is not existent. Therefore, this paper addresses the design of a reference model as a recommendation for action to integrate the asset management within information systems. It is validated by expert interviews. Moreover, it provides information to integrate relevant financial and technical artifacts from distributed systems. Simultaneously, it provides recommendations for implementing a Business Intelligence architecture in the context of strategic decision support.