Business & Information Systems Engineering

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Research Paper


Cloud computing entails a novel security
threat: The cloud service provider
is entrusted with the data of all its customers.
Thismay not be sustainable for
highly confidential data. Encryption, or
more generally cryptography,may provide
a solution by computing on data
encrypted by the customers. While this
solution is theoretically appealing, it
raises a number of research questions
in information system design.
Using the example of collaborative
benchmarking the author presents and
evaluates an exemplary design and implementation
of a cloud application
that operates only on encrypted data,
thus protecting the confidentiality of
the customer’s data against the cloud
service provider. The cloud application
computes common statistics for
benchmarking without disclosing the
individual key performance indicators.
Benchmarking is an important process
for companies to stay competitive
in today’s markets. It allows them to
evaluate their performance against the
statistics of their peers and implement
targeted improvement measures.