Business & Information Systems Engineering

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Research Paper


Enterprise Identity Management Systems (EIdMS) are an IT-based infrastructure that needs to be integrated into various business processes and related infrastructures. Assessment and preparation of decisions for the introduction need to take the costs, benefits, and the organizational settings into consideration. A variety of methods for the evaluation and decision support of new IT (e. g. EIdMS) are discussed in the literature – however, these are typically based on single dimensions (e. g. financial or technology aspects). This paper proposes a multidimensional decision support framework, based on the Balanced Scorecard concept. The presented approach introduces four perspectives and a related set of initial decision parameters to support decision making. The perspectives are (a) financial/monetary, (b) business processes, (c) supporting processes and (ICT) infrastructure and (d) information security, risks and compliance. Perspectives and adaptable sets of decision parameters also may serve as foundation for software-based decision support instruments.