Business & Information Systems Engineering

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Research Paper


In order to optimize the economical use of SAP software systems and to increase the cost effectiveness of the SAP investment, the available SAP standard system should be implemented in the best possible way. While standard functionality has no negative effects on maintenance and operating cost, modification of the standard has the potential to drive costs (Markus et al. 2000). An integrated methodology and an efficient instrument for the operational and strategic evaluation of this topic are crucial for an efficient application of SAP standard software. This article describes a new technical measurement methodology based on key performance indicators. This measurement methodology allows for measuring the standard proximity (i. e. proximity of used functionality to standard functionality) in SAP systems thereby creating transparency regarding the use of the available standard and non-standard functions. The methodology is evaluated in the context of a case study within the BMW Group. From the results of the measurement, actions are derived which foster the standard utilization and thus the efficiency of an SAP system.