Business & Information Systems Engineering


Editor-in-Chief: Christof Weinhardt

The journal Business & Information Systems Engineering (BISE) has its roots in the journal WIRTSCHAFTSINFORMATIK, which became the central publication of the German-language BISE community during the last 60 years.

The journal’s self-conception is to be the central publication of the fast growing and coalescing international BISE community. Therefore, BISE provides a unique platform for high quality design science-oriented research and addresses all techno-economically oriented readers and authors.

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Current Issue: Volume 63, Issue 6 (2021)



Resilient Digital Twins
Wil M. P. van der Aalst, Oliver Hinz, and Christof Weinhardt

Research Papers


A Typology of Business Process Standardization Strategies
Kanika Goel, Wasana Bandara, and Guy G. Gable


Extracting Best-Practice Using Mixed-Methods
Erik Poppe, Anastasiia Pika, Moe T. Wynn, Rebekah Eden, Robert Andrews, and Robert Andrews


Enhancing Sustained Attention
Theophile Demazure; Alexander Karran; Pierre-Majorique Leger; Elise Labonte-LeMoyne; Sylvain Senecal, Ph.D.; Marc Fredette; and Gilbert Babin


Contradictions and Interventions in Health IS
Andy Weeger, Heinz-Theo Wagner, Heiko Gewald, and Tim Weitzel


Exploring Information Systems Curricula
Patrick Föll and Frédéric Thiesse



Low-Code Platform
Alexander Bock and Ulrich Frank


Quo Vadis Conferences in the Business and Information Systems Engineering (BISE) Community After Covid
Jan Marco Leimeister, Stefan Stieglitz, Martin Matzner, Dennis Kundisch, Christoph Flath, and Maximilian Röglinger