Business & Information Systems Engineering


Editor-in-Chief: Christof Weinhardt

The journal Business & Information Systems Engineering (BISE) has its roots in the journal WIRTSCHAFTSINFORMATIK, which became the central publication of the German-language BISE community during the last 60 years.

The journal’s self-conception is to be the central publication of the fast growing and coalescing international BISE community. Therefore, BISE provides a unique platform for high quality design science-oriented research and addresses all techno-economically oriented readers and authors.

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Current Issue: Volume 65, Issue 1 (2023)



Sustainable Systems Engineering
Wil M. P. van der Aalst, Oliver Hinz, and Christof Weinhardt

Research Papers


The Impact of High-Frequency Trading on Modern Securities Markets
Benjamin Clapham, Martin Haferkorn, and Kai Zimmermann


Towards an Interdisciplinary Development of IoT-Enhanced Business Processes
Pedro Valderas, Victoria Torres, and Estefanı ́a Serral Asensio


Predictive End-to-End Enterprise Process Network Monitoring
Felix Oberdorf, Myriam Schaschek, Sven Weinzierl, Nikolai Stein, Martin Matzner, and Christoph M. Flath


Reuse, Reduce, Support: Design Principles for Green Data Mining
Johannes Schneider, Stefan Seidel, Marcus Basalla, and Jan vom Brocke



Mini-App Ecosystems
Maximilian Schreieck, Ange Ou, and Helmut Krcmar