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Amy Connolly,
Sam Zaza,

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Friday, August 16th

A Case Study: Assessing Meta-Privilege in University Classrooms (Immigrant Student Perspective)

Kimberley Hemmings-Jarrett, Penn State University (Abington)
Julian J. Jarrett, Univerity of Technology, Jamaica
Jayani Jayakanthan, Penn State University

Addressing the Digital Divide Among Older Adults in Social Housing

Raghad Elgamal, McMaster University
Brian Detlor, McMaster University

An Analysis of Partisan Polarization in the 2022 U.S. Senate Races

David Yates, Bentley University
Kevin Mentzer, Nichols College
Christopher Tousignant, Nichols College

Critical Review of Digital Health Equity: Challenges in Conceptualization and Operationalization

Polina Durneva, University of Memphis
Min Chen, Florida International University

Driving Financial Inclusion through FinTechs – The Case of Egypt

Nadine Samy, Technical University of Munich
Philipp Kernstock, Technical University of Munich
Kelly Volland, Technical University of Munich
Andreas Hein, University of St. Gallen

Empowering Voices: The Impact of Social Media Platform Policies on Amplifying Engagement for Marginalized Groups

Tanya Singh, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Nishtha Langer, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Kofi Arhin, Lehigh University

Exploring the Intersection of Cyberthreats and Democratic Backsliding

Michael Lapke, Christopher Newport University
Amy Browning, William and Mary

Gender and Security Robot Interactions: A Brief Review and Critique

Xin Ye, Univeristy of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Samia Cornelius Bhatti, University of Michigan
Lionel Peter Robert, University of Michigan

Impact of Covid-19 on Emotional Acceptance of E-Services: Evidence from Poland

Narcyz Roztocki, Kozminski University
Wojciech Strzelczyk, Kozminski University
Heinz Roland Weistroffer, Virginia Commonwealth University

Investigating Digital Rehabilitation Interventions for People with Temporary Disability: A Qualitative Study

Félix Giroux, HEC Montréal
Yasmine Maurice, HEC Montreal
Sylvain Sénécal, HEC Montréal
Pierre-Majorique Léger, HEC Montréal

Joint Effects and Sequencing of Government Regulations in Sharing Economy Era

Jiana Meng, Iowa State University
Young Woong Park, Iowa State University
Chen Zhang, Iowa State University

Narratives of Reality: Administrative Burdens and Workarounds in Digital Self-Services

Ida Heggertveit, Department of Information Systems, University of Agder
Hanne Høglund Sara-Maria Rydén, University of Agder, department of information systems

Techno-Fair or Techno-Fear? The Impact of Generative AI on Age-Related Digital Divide

Weiyu Wang, University of Oklahoma
Heshan Sun, University of Oklahoma

The Innovation's Role in Boosting e-Government Engagement in Global Economies

Zakariya Belkhamza, Ahmed Bin Mohammed Military College

Using AI to Fight Human Trafficking: Ethical Considerations

Katia Guerra, Boise State University College of Business and Economics
Anna Land, Boise State University

Women Entrepreneurs and Technology: A Scoping Review

Sumaiya Siddiqua, McGill University
Yolande E. Chan, McGill University