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Thursday, August 16th
12:00 AM

A review of the IS strategic alignment literature: A replication study

Jason Williams, Georgia Southern University
Henry Torres, Arkansas State University
Traci Carte, Kennesaw State University

12:00 AM

Costumes in League of Legends - Replicating Findings from Cyworld and Habbo

Bastian Kordyaka, University of Siegen
Marius Mueller, University of Siegen
Katharina Jahn, University of Siegen
Oliver Heger, University of Siegen
Bjoern Niehaves, University of Siegen

12:00 AM

Impulsivity and Risky Cybersecurity Behaviors: A Replication

Zahra Aivazpour, university of texas at san antonio
V. Srinivasan (Chino) Rao, university of texas at san antonio

12:00 AM