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A business simulator for reality mining

Lars-Olof Johansson, Halmstad University
Torben Svane, Halmstad University

A Preliminary Evaluation of the Determinants of Certification Success in MOOCs: A Multi-level Study

Faruk Arslan, The University of Texas At El Paso
Kallol Bagchi, University of Texas at El Paso
SeungEui Ryu, University of Texas at El Paso

A Skill Set Based Framework to Increase the Recruiting Efficacy for Data Science Graduates

David Firth, University of Montana
Michael Harrington, University of Montana
Jason Triche, University of Montana

Acceptance and Use of Moodle by Students and Academics

Bin Jiang, Monash University
Andrea North-Samardzic, Deakin University

Achieving Success With a New Design of Hybrid Information Systems Major: The Case of University of ABC’s Operations and Technology Management (OTM) Program

Mike Eom, University of Portland
Naveen Gudigantala, University of Portland
Gary Mitchell, University of Portland

Action Design Research: Design of e-WIL for the Manufacturing Industry

Kristina Eriksson, University West
Monika Hattinger, University West

Bringing Innovation to the Classroom: Instructor Use of Tablets to Improve Classroom Tasks across Varying Learning Styles

Jeffrey Cummings, UNCW
Stephen Hill, UNCW

Building a Contemplative IS Workforce through Promoting Mindfulness in IS Design–A Case Study

Wenli Wang, Robert Morris University

Business Intelligence and Analytics Education: Hermeneutic Literature Review and Future Directions in IS Education

Yichuan Wang, Auburn University

Career Paths Training Course - Supporting First Year Information Systems Science Students’ Working Life Horizon

Pekka Makkonen, University of Jyvaskyla
Terhi Skaniakos, University of Jyväskylä

Creating a Health Informatics Program: Is It Good For What Ails Us?

Amy Campbell, University of South Alabama
Matt Campbell, University of South Alabama
Harold Pardue, University of South Alabama

Creating a Theory-Based Research Agenda for Gamification

Lisa-Maria Putz, UAS - University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria
Horst Treiblmaier, UAS - University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria

Design Experiential Learning Activities for MIS Introductory Courses

Chetan Sankar, Auburn University
Yun Wu, Auburn University

Designing a management simulation: Testing a conceptual framework

Andrea North-Samardzic, Deakin University

Effects of Self-Efficacy and Self-regulated Learning on LMS User Satisfaction and LMS Effectiveness

Sean Eom, Southeast Missouri State University

Enhancing Software Development in the MIS Curriculum using Pair Programming

Tendai Ndabvonga-Dongo, East Carolina University
April Reed, East Carolina University

Factors Affecting the Adoption of Online Discussion Boards in Physical Learning Environments

Stacie Petter, University of Nebraska at Omaha
Olimpiya Saha, University of Nebraska at Omaha
Jie Xiong, University of Nebraska

Feedback on the Integration of a Serious Game in the Business Process Management Learning

Imed Boughzala, teleco ecole de management
olfa TANTAN, telecom ecole de management
Daniel lang, telecom ecole de management

Forms of Formative Assessment in Virtual Learning Environments

Peter Clutterbuck, The University of Queensland
Jon Heales, The University of Queensland
Chinthake Wijesooriya, The University of Queensland

How Hands Free Always On (HFAO) Technology Will Affect Classrooms

Michael Bieber, New Jersey Institute of Technology
Xu Cai, New Jersey Institute of Technology
Regina Collins, New Jersey Institute of Technology
Starr Hiltz, New Jersey Institute of Technology
Yang Liu, New Jersey Institute of Technology
Erick Sanchez Suasnabar, New Jersey Institute of Technology

Improving Transfer-of-Training with Learning Management Systems: Where We Are and Where We Should Be

Sharif Amrou, University of Hamburg
Tilo Boehmann, University of Hamburg

Incorporating Experiential Learning into Big Data Analytic Classes

Samuel Goh, Northern Kentucky University
Xiaoni Zhang, Northen Kentucky University

Influence of Team Skills in Engineering Technology

Justin Bond, Faulkner University
P. K. RAJU, Auburn University
Chetan Sankar, Auburn University

Informing About Semantic Information: A Set of Exercises and Lessons Learned

Earl McKinney, Bowling Green State University
Charles Yoos II, Fort Lewis College

IT for Managers: Journey of a core MBA course over ten years


Learning by Doing: Studio Classes in MIS Education

Mart Doyle, Temple University - Fox School of Business
Richard Flanagan, Temple University - Fox School of Business
James Moustafellos, Temple University - Fox School of Business

Not Just Silly Cat Videos: Exploring Student Knowledge Sharing via Social Media

Turki Alelyani, New Jersey Institute of Technology
Regina Collins, New Jersey Institute of Technology
Starr Hiltz, New Jersey Institute of Technology
Ye Xiong, New Jersey Institute of Technology

Peer Learning in the Class or on Facebook? _x000D_ A Correlational Experiment on Learning Outcomes

Tala Talaei Khoei, Southern New Hampshire University
Amir Talaei-Khoei, University of Technology, Sydney

Preparing Industry-ready Analysts In the Classroom: A Module Injection Approach

Atiya Afsana, Towson University
Suranjan Chakraborty, Towson University
Sutirtha Chatterjee, University of Nevada at Las Vegas
Siddharth Kaza, Towson University

Share and Share Alike: Integrating Internet Resource Sharing Into Learning

Regina Collins, New Jersey Institute of Technology
Fadi Deek, New Jersey Institute of Technology
Starr Hiltz, NJIT

Student Preferences and Attitudes to the Use of Early Alerts

Amara Atif, Macquare University
Ayse Bilgin, Macquare University
Deborah Richards, Macquare University

Supporting Learner-Content Interaction on Autodidactic Field Trips through Mobile Learning Applications

Sebastian Hobert, University of Goettingen
Bjoern Pilarski, University of Goettingen
Jasmin Decker, University of Goettingen
Matthias Schumann, University of Goettingen

The 7i Framework - Towards a Measurement Model of Information literacy

Severina Müller, University of St. Gallen
Nina Scheffler, University of St. Gallen
Sabine Seufert, University of St. Gallen
Katarina Stanoevska-Slabeva, University of St. Gallen

The Impact of Evaluation Mode and Social Comparison on the Quality of Integrative Ideas in Asynchronous Online Discussions: Theory Development and Field Experiment Design

elahe javadi, Illinois state university

The Integration of Business Analytics into a Business College Undergraduate Curriculum

Jerry Haan, IBM
Fred Rodammer, Michigan State University
Cheri Speier-Pero, michigan state university

Using a scaffolding-based blogging approach to improve IT and CS undergraduate students’ disciplinary writing skills

Wu He, Old Dominion University
Kurt Maly, Old Dominion University
Harris Wu, Old Dominion University
Li Xu, Old Dominion University

Validating the Effectiveness of the Moodle Engagement Analytics Plugin to Predict Student Academic Performance

Amara Atif, Macquare University
Chris Froissard, Macquare University
Danny Liu, Macquare University
Deborah Richards, Macquarie University

Which Collaboration Technologies Best Support Student Teamwork? An Empirical Investigation

Rong Guo, University of West Georgia
Lei Li, Kennesaw State University
Yide Shen, Rowan University
Guangzhi Zheng, Kennesaw State University