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Best practices in creating value with social media: insights from four Fortune 500 companies.

Jennifer Smith
Federico Pigni

Business Intelligence and Analytics: A Capabilities Dynamization View

Anna Sidorova
Russell Torres

Developing a Technology Supported Collaborative Strategic Planning Process for Higher Education

Alanah Mitchell
Carol Pollard

Does Higher CIO Rank Serve as an Organizational Integration Mechanism?

Eric Larson
Carl Adams

Factors Related to Social Media Adoption and Use for Emergency Services Operations: The Case of the NSW SES

Andrew Edwards

From Strategic to Operational Collaborations: The Divergent Nature of Business/IT Shared Understanding

Christian Jentsch
Frank Schlosser
Daniel Beimborn

Information Management Capabilities: Antecedents and Consequences

Rafael Brinkhues
Antonio Carlos Maçada
Gilmar Casalinho

IT Governance Frameworks and COBIT - A Literature Review

George Mangalaraj
Anil Singh
Aakash Taneja

Managing Shadow IT Instances – A Method to Control Autonomous IT Solutions in the Business Departments

Stephan Zimmermann
Christopher Rentrop
Carsten Felden

Mobile Device Perceptions: Differences in Environment-Based Voluntariness

Wiley Brown
Prashant Palvia

On Cloud Computing Service Considerations for the Small and Medium Enterprises

Acklesh Prasad
Peter Green
Jon Heales
Glen Finau

On the advantages, perils and pitfalls of using Cloud Computing and Open Source Software in Small and Medium-Sized Businesses. The case of a German entrepreneurial company

Frederik Kramer

Pricing in Infrastructure Clouds – An Analytical and Empirical Examination

Ulrich Lampe
Ronny Hans
Marco Seliger
Michael Pauly

Should Executives Consider the Rarity of IT Resources When Courting Alliance Partners?

Ruchika Sethi
Eric Larson
Ali Tafti

Strategic Reactions: Corporate Responses to Social Media Consumer Movements

Karim Jetha
Nicholas Berente

The Combined Effects of IT and HRM Capabilities on Competitive Performance: Empirical Evidence from Service and Manufacturing SMEs

Sylvestre Uwizeyemungu
Louis Raymond
Placide Poba-Nzaou
Josée St-Pierre

Towards a Design Theory for Customer Satisfaction-Oriented IT Vendor Management

Nils Urbach
Frederik Ahlemann
Fedi El Arbi

Towards a Model of Web Disclosure Adoption by Nonprofit Organizations

Roderick Lee
Marie Blouin

Training people to master complex technologies through e-Learning: Case of UML technology training in a global organization

Mervi Koivulahti-Ojala
Timo Käkölä