Information Systems for Sustainability and Global Competitiveness


Organizational awareness, readiness, and competitiveness as it relates to green information systems and technologyhas become all too familiar in recent years. As the world is taking notice of the damage that the earth hasendured, more and more organizations have stepped up to address the issue. This article examines the Green-IS/IT literature published between 2000–2010 to provide a review of the “green” movement in the IS field. Inconducting this research, the data from a total of nineteen journals were reviewed resulting in meta informationfrom 264 articles. The article contributes to research by developing themes of Green-IS/IT research. By usingcontent analysis methodology, relative emphasis on various topics within Green-IS research is determined. Theresults of longitudinal and demographic analyses are also presented in this article. The data shows that theorganizations were becoming increasingly aware of the Green technology.