IT Strategy and Management


Sustainability is a complex concept comprised of multiple facets such as social, environmental, economic and more thatchallenges traditional norms of organisational practices. But there is a lack of generally accepted sustainability principles thatis supported by most of the organisational stakeholders, and a pattern oriented methodology that is entirely backed by theorganisational resources, in particular information systems. Decision makers are tackling ever-increasing difficulties fortransforming a business into sustainable entity. This research proposes a multi-level sustainability business transformation(SBT) roadmap that supports the business for maintaining a consistent conversion process of existing operations intosustainable ones. The roadmap consists of discover and learn, strategise, design, transform, monitor and control phases thatsupports the life cycle from conceptualising sustainability issues to final implementation, monitoring, reporting, andcontrolling of sustainability. A Sustainability Modelling and Reporting DSS that supports all the decision makingrequirements for realising the SBT roadmap has been implemented.