Information Systems for Sustainability and Global Competitiveness


The scarcity of non-renewable resources today is a more and more crucial issue for many branches of industry. To counteractthese problems, extensive, timely and up-to-date information on non-renewable resources' supply and demand is essential.Nevertheless, this information today is distributed, heterogeneous and only available in an informal or semi-formal structure.Thus, companies often do not have the right or up-to-date information to manage their usage of non-renewable resourcesadequately. This paper investigates if an ontology-based service-oriented information system architecture can cope with thesedifficulties and thus form the basis for the sustainable management of non-renewable resources. Based on an overview of thetherefore needed types of information, an architecture that enables collection, structuring and processing information on nonrenewableresources is presented. A prototypical proof-of-concept implementation illustrates its benefits and its generalapplicability. Finally, the architecture is evaluated conceptually and by use of the Architecture Tradeoff Analysis Method.