Systems Analysis and Design


Despite recent progress with Decision support systems (DSS) development methodologies, a gap still exist in terms of theability to assess the maturity of an organization with respect to its DSS development process. A need exist to be able todescribe DSS development processes at a meta-level. Equally important is the ability to provide organization withprescriptions to increase the maturity of their DSS development processes.In this paper, we propose a Decision Support System Maturity Model (DSS-MM). The model draws on extant literaturerelated to DSS development methodologies, practices and processes to identify pertinent DSS development practices anddefine maturity models for these practices. From a theoretical perspective, this research presents the first maturity modelspecifically targeting DSS development. From a practical perspective, the model provides a framework for organizations toassess their DSS development maturity level and devise process improvement initiatives to address any limitations withexisting practices.