Health Care IT


The healthcare sector has been investing heavily in health information technologies (HIT), with the aim of improvingdecision-making through improved medical processes, reduced costs and integration of medical data. However, the overallcontribution of HIT to the medical field is not obvious, especially, in high-stress environments such as the emergencydepartment (ED). The objective of this research is to explore whether investing in HIT in an ED is rewarding in evaluatingacute myocardial infarction diagnosis in EDs.We evaluated the overall profitability of certain integrative medical IS in a cost-effectiveness analysis using an experimentalstudy in the course of diagnosing an acute myocardial infarction. The results in the paper show that our specific medicalcases received a clear cost-effective reading since the results (ΔCosts/ΔQuality) were lower than the range of all commonthreshold values. Furthermore, the use of HIT in the ED also improved the quality of the medical care.