Crowdsourcing has been claimed to help organizations innovate by leveraging crowd knowledge for novel ideas, processes and strategies. Previous literature emphasized external and internal organisational crowdsourcing as strategic efforts toward innovation, highlighting the importance of a comprehensive crowdsourcing strategy for innovation success. However, there is limited knowledge about how to simultaneously manage internal and external crowdsourcing efforts for improving organisational innovation outcomes. This paper integrates insights from external and internal crowdsourcing literature streams to enhance the understanding of organisational crowdsourcing success factors. The paper systematically reviews Information Systems and management literature on crowdsourcing and innovation to identify the success-bringing factors of organisational crowdsourcing innovation. The paper applies grounded theory methods to derive and contrast influential factors in external and internal crowdsourcing for innovation. The paper’s theoretical contributions is an integrated framework of external and internal crowdsourcing factors for a comprehensive understanding of influential crowdsourcing factors from firm-, platform- and crowd-level perspectives. Managerial recommendations advise on those multi-level factors of crowdsourcing innovation success.