The logistics and supply chains have affected worldwide businesses, particularly in pandemic locations and periods, unsettling supply and demand pursuits. Logistics of global markets have been irregular, with poorly aligned superstore outlets in different geographies. Businesses and their alliances have affected spatial-temporal dimensions. The research explores the significance of Information System (IS) articulations and how IS artefacts can motivate connecting global companies and boost market values. The study aims to improve the Logistics and Supply Chains (LSC) between companies and organizations through evaluable IS artefacts in industry scenarios. The use and reuse of IS articulations are investigated in spatial-temporal dimensions for LSC knowledge management. Further, the IS artefacts are assessed through the logistics performance in geographic dimensions using the Attribute Journey Mapping and Modelling (AJMM) method. The ability to track and trace the supply chain consignments is inferred proportional to attributes of quality of trade and transport systems.