Editor-in-Chief: Prof. Dr. Martin Bichler

The journal Business & Information Systems Engineering (BISE) has its roots in the journal WIRTSCHAFTSINFORMATIK, which became the central publication of the German-language BISE community during the last 50 years. Both journals appear identically in German and English in the sense of a cover-to-cover translation. BISE constitutes the latter.

The journal’s self-conception is to be the central publication of the fast growing and coalescing international BISE community. Therefore, BISE provides a unique platform for high quality design science-oriented research and addresses all techno-economically oriented readers and authors.

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Current Issue: Volume 58, Issue 6 (2016)



Open Research in Business and Information Systems Engineering
Wil van der Aalst, Martin Bichler, and Armin Heinzl

Research Papers


Decision Support for IT Investment Projects - A Real Option Analysis Approach Based on Relaxed Assumptions
Marcel Philipp Mueller, Sebastian Stoeckl, Stefen Zimmermann, and Bernd Heinrich


Evaluation Methods in Process-Aware Information Systems Research with a Perspective on Human Orientation
Simone Kriglstein, Maria Leitner, Sonja Kabicher-Fuchs, and Stefanie Rinderle-Ma


On the Ex Ante Valuation of IT Service Investments - A Decision Theoretical Perspective
Hans Ulrich Buhl, Björn Häckel, Florian Probst, and Josef Schosser



Digital Nudging
Markus Weinmann, Christoph Schneider, and Jan vom Brocke

Call for Papers


Call for Papers: Issue 3/2018 - Smart Cities and Digitized Urban Management
Tobias Brandt, Wolfgang Ketter, Lutz Kolbe, Dirk Neumann, and Richard T. Watson