In order to cope with the various types of cyber-attacks in the Internet, several methods of tracking the source of attack have been developed. However, until recently, most of them are defensive security methods rather than preventive one. In order to settle the Bright Internet, which is still in its early stage, it is necessary to establish a technical source tracking method. For this, a standard and evaluation criteria are needed to determine which technology would be appropriate for the Bright Internet requirements. In this paper, we classify cyber-attack source traceback technologies and derive some criteria for the evaluation of the technologies for the Bright Internet. Using the criteria, we can evaluate existing traceback technologies from the perspective of the Bright Internet. In this article, we try to evaluate SAVA, PPM, iTrace, Controlled flooding, Input Debugging, Central Track, IPSec, SPIE(Hash-based), and Marking+Logging methods. Based on this research, future research will require in-depth verification of traceback technologies that reflects all the principles of the Bright Internet in practice.