Video-based learning (VBL) depicts a key element of contemporary educational practice. While benefits have been identified in research and application, the lack of interactivity that can imply detrimental effects on the resulting learning performance in VBL should not be neglected. As a countermeasure, a plethora of interactive elements embedded in educational videos has emerged. By now, it remains unexplored how different interactive elements compare to one another regarding their effects on learning performance. To address this research gap, we conducted an experimental study in an undergraduate university course and investigated the respective effects of three interactive element types under similar conditions in a VBL environment. Our results offer indications that the specific addition of quizzes and annotations can imply significant improvements of learning performance, while navigation features possess no stimulation. Our work thereby provides educational practice and academia with new perspectives on interactive elements in VBL to improve their utilization.

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Track 18: Digital Education & Learning