Todays enterprises are faced with the challenge of an ever
changing environment, which they continuously have to adapt
to. A commonly accepted means to support an enterprise
in the transformation process and furthermore enhance the
alignment between business and IT is enterprise architecture
(EA) management, which provides a holistic perspective
on the enterprise. In order to support an enterprise in
the transformation process, EA management creates architectural
descriptions of current, planned, and future states
of the enterprise. Re
ecting the aforementioned importance
of EA management a plurality of approaches for establishing
an EA management function in an enterprise have been
proposed by researchers, practitioners, and standardization
bodies. The approaches vary widely in respect to the proposed
methods, models, and languages.
The objective of this article is to analyze the state-of-theart
in EA and EA management respectively. Therefore, an
extensive literature survey on publications in the area is performed.
Criteria for the analysis are inter alia the distribution of papers over time, their regional distribution, type of
publication, number of references of an article, and the involved
authors groups. Thereby the article seeks to give an
overview on the current research occupation in the eld of
EA management.