In this paper, we address the problem of lacking consistency and
comparability in the dissemination of research information. We
seek to solve this problem using research portals, which are
community-based research information systems on the Internet.
The idea of our solution is to customize research portals to better
fit to individual application scenarios. To this end, we propose a
conceptual specification of a generic portal structure allowing for
semantic standardization. For a given application scenario, this
basis has to be customized regarding portal structure and
semantics of textual descriptions. We demonstrate such a
customization for an exemplary research portal addressing design
science research. Furthermore, we describe an exemplary research
process using the customized portal definition. We conclude that
our approach has the potential to increase the consistency and
comparability of research dissemination with research portals.
This goal is achieved with a) an individually customizable portal
structure, which is able to reflect the nature of a specific
application scenario better than generic structures and b) a
semantic standardization of textual descriptions, which enforces
them to be precise, compact, and apply the vocabulary of the