Adequately considering interactions among IT/IS projects
in the process of constructing an IT/IS project portfolio
is an important requirement for value-based IT/IS project
portfolio selection. A lot of articles already deal with modeling
approaches to incorporate such interactions, but the
literature lacks a common terminology and a structured perspective
on the manifold types of interactions and their effects.
When applied in business practice, this may lead to
a systematically wrong project portfolio selection. Based
on a comprehensive literature review, our contributions are
(1) an identi cation of relevant classi cation dimensions of
IT/IS project portfolio selection, (2) the development of a
framework that provides a structured perspective on deterministic,
intratemporal interactions, and { as the main contribution
{ (3) a uni cation of the terminology and the semantics
of interactions among IT/IS projects. This work
shall support decision-makers in the identi cation of possible
interactions among IT/IS project proposals.